Vicki (toxica939) wrote in deardiary_icons,

I'M BACK! Do any of you even remember I exist lol?! Well I'll be taking some requests if anyone needs help.

If anyone out there with a FREE USER account would like a layout override done, I'm going to be taking 2 requests to do today. You will guarranteed have it sometime on Friday. Maybe before.

If you could try to fill out this info, to make it easier for me to know exactly want you want.

[x]Do you want a layout with a background or with a header (unfortunately I can't do both as I am stuck for time)
[x]A link to the background/header.
[x]What sort of colour scheme (you don't need to include hex codes unless you can. But something along the lines of purples or greens or whatever would be helpful at least)
[x]Background colour (only applicable if you want a header layout)
[x]Scroll bar colours
[x]Align left, right or centre? (aligning centre can be hard with a background. Unless you've found a BG that will work)
[x]Type of cursor pick here (hover over the names to see the cursor)
[x]Comment box border (solid, dashed, dotted, inset, outset, none)
[x]Border colour
[x]When a person wants to comment?
[x](number) comments?
[x]Title of journal
[x]Font name
[x]Font size
[x]Font colour
[x]Email addy to send the override to

If you have a really clear idea of what you want and its a lil more in depth that this let me know. My skills have improved a lot but I'm been MIA for a while. I'm sure I can figure out what you want if it's more complex but be clear on what you want.

Hex colour codes can be found here

Also. If I do a layout for you I'd really like credit. Maybe in your bio or something. I'd just like others to know it was my work :D

I only have time to take 2 requests right now I'm afraid so it's kinda a case of first come first served.
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hi, i just stubled upon you, and well it seems like u have had no requests, so i have a request, but it is not. I am not really sure what i am looking for, so maybe if you just start doing your own thing, more people will come. Um I don't have a request for a certain type, but if you make some that would be great, because I am looking for a new one.
-See, Im a bit challenged. I want a background of the killers.

Will that picture work?

[x]colour scheme: Id like varied shades of dark green (olive, forest, hunter,) with lime green and black hints, if possible =) I dont really want the color scheme to overpower the background picture, so if its possible to make it more subdued? Im not sure if that is possible as Im a bit clueless, but that would be awesome.

[x]Scroll bar colours: black
[x]Align left, please.
[x]Type of cursor pick here (hover over the names to see the cursor)
-I dont quite understand the question :S
[x]Comment box border: none
[x]Border colour: n/a
[x]When a person wants to comment? Drive Faster...
[x](number) comments? Sirens Scream at Half Past Ten
[x]Title of journal: Save some face, you know you've only got one
[x]Font name: arial
[x]Font size: 14
[x]Font colour: black
[x]Email addy to send the override to:
oh, for the cursor, Id like it to be a crosshair, if possible =)
This set of request is now closed I'm afraid. if you want to make a request do it at my layout request community layout_hth
Yeah, I don't really have a request, more of a question. Do you have any tutorials that I can see how to make my layouts and icons without having to make requests? Or do you know where I can find one? It would be such a great help. Thank you. ^_^

I don't have any tutorials of my own but if you head over to howto you can find out how to do pretty much anything. It's all in their memories section.