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042 Girlie Icons.

There's 10 Atomic Kitten, 02 Britney Spears, 03 Christina Aguilera, 02 Christina Ricci, 03 Emma Bunton [Baby Spice], 01 Elisha Cuthbert, 05 Eliza Dushk, 01 Holly Valance, 04 Jennifer Love Hewitt, 01 J. Lo, 02 Shakira, 03 Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, 03 Sarah Michelle Ghellar, & 02 Beyonce Knowles.

- You MUST credit me, bentfire in the icon's keywords.
- I'll do 2 customizations for the first 5 people that ask.
- Sorry if you see this posted three times, I crossposted at pop_icons, deardiary_icons & dirrty_girls.
- I'll have 20 or so model icons up either tomorrow or tonight.

Atomic Kitten;

Beyonce Knowles;

Britney Spears;

Christina Aguilera;

Christina Ricci;

Emma Bunton [Baby Spice];

Elisha Cuthbert;

Eliza Dushku;

Holly Valance;

Jennifer Love Hewitt;

Jennifer Lopez;


Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen;

Sarah Michelle Ghellar;

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