Brianne (brianned) wrote in deardiary_icons,

Anyone want to suggest?

Hey everyone! My first post here as an icon maker! Thanks Eri, for letting me join :)
I just recently started making icons, and I'm having so much fun with them I'd like to keep doing them. I'm not quite as good as the others around here, but I'll get there with some practice ;) I have a few examples of my icons up at my journal, but since I post a lot of personal stuff there, it's best to just go to my website at to see *just* the icons.

I'd love to take some icon suggestions/requests. I can't promise I'll make all of them, because I tend to only want to make ones that interest me haha. But, hey, I've seen some good suggestions around here! I won't do female pop stars, not really my thing, but if anyone wants to suggest outside that? Actors, LotR, Harry Potter, anime... let me know!
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